Obtaining a Licence

At Phil Brown Transport Training Specialists we are here to help at every stage of the process from supplying application forms and arranging your medical to assessing your individual needs and tailoring your course accordingly.

1. Applying for a Provisional Licence

Minimum Age 18

You will need to complete a DVLA D2 form in order to have the provisional category added to your licence.  You will also need to have a medical examination with your own doctor.  The doctor will complete a D4 form. Once they are both completed you need to send both D2 and D4 forms with both parts of your licence to DVLA Swansea.

The D2 & D4 forms are available at our training Centre in Droitwich

Medicals – HGV Drivers – PSV Drivers – Taxi Drivers – Racing Teams

Medicals & ECG test (if required) take place every Friday morning (7am to 11am) and every second  Saturday at our training centre in Droitwich. The cost of the medical will be £55 (most GP practices charge £75 – £150). To book an appointment please call 01905 774442 or send an email to info@philbrownlgvtraining.co.uk or contact us on face book

Scheduled Saturdays – 2nd, 16th & 30th November, 14th December

2. Theory Test

When you receive your licence back from the DVLA with your provisional entitlement you will then be required to take theory tests. You can book these yourself via the DVSA web page or telephone by calling 0300 200 1122

Module 1: Multiple choice & Hazard perception (Total cost £50.00)

Before being able to take a practical test you will need to pass Module 1. This is a two-part test – a multiple choice (100 questions) and a hazard perception (19 interactive clips). We can provide all the study materials you require.

Module 2: Cpc case study (Cost £30.00)

If you passed your obtained car licence after 1st January 1997 you will also be required to pass Module 2 Cpc case study if you intend to drive professionally.

Module 3: Practical driving test C1 (Starting price £715.00)

We recommend you have a free assessment to determine how many days training you require. (Assessments only take place once theory tests have been taken and past)

Your course will cover everything you need to reach the required standard by the DVSA with the intention of you passing first time.

Module 4: Cpc practical demonstration (Cost £160.69 + test fee + VAT)

This is a 30 minute test conducted by DVSA to test your practical knowledge on loading, vehicle safety & security.

If you have passed module 2 we will book this with your practical driving test.

Phil Brown Transport Training Specialists can arrange and guide you through all of the above.

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