BE Towing Test No Longer Required















BE Towing Law Changes

The rules about what you can tow will not be changing on 15 November 2021. The change will be introduced at a later date, and as soon as possible. Sign up for email alerts to be told when the new date is confirmed. You must continue to follow the current rules until the law changes.

As from Monday 20th September you will no longer be required to take a driving test to be able to tow a trailer

The new BE Towing DVSA rules come in to effect from Monday 20th September, The DVSA are still recommending that new drivers to towing still undergo a training course before taking to the roads the cost of this would be £290, After the training is complete we would issue a certificate to the driver stating that the drivers has complete the BE Towing course training.

Going forward this may help you get road insurance on the vehicle for new towing drivers

Please take note that at the present time the government DVSA have not issued a start date for the new changes to take affect only the changes that will take place and when BE driving test will stop, if the driver tows a trailer before the start time and court doing so will receive a £1000 on the spot fine

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