LGV Test Results for Month Ending 31st March 2022

Congratulations to Daniel Betteridge and Charlatt Baily for passing their category C1 (7.5) driving licence, Matt Kaz, John Badger, Mihai Popescu, Chris Rogers, Francis Hardman, Stephen Clarke, Desmond Mills, Daniel Regan, Huw Finster, Jacob Colly, Jacob Tribe, Lucian Popa, James Calder, Alex Farley, Andy Hyett, Laszlo Szetele, Stephen Moore, Aron Prindin and Gary Sellwood for passing their category CE (Artic) driving licence, Ellis Roberts, Ryon Lyttle, Sam Garness, Jo Moore, Thomas Guest, Lauren Mc Leod, Gregory Mifflin and Aaron West for passing their category C (Rigid) driving licence, Matt Kaz, Mihia Popescu, Mark Hack, Charles Eray, Huw Finster, John Badger, Desmond Mills, Ryon Lyttle, George, Johnathan Evans, James Calder, Thomas Guest, Aaron West and Bradley Watts for passing their practical Module 4 driver CPC

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